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Activities are organized to enliven the visit of each.

In addition to the traditional inauguration, professional  entertainment are  available for  all  visitors.

Vehicles dynamics testing

Try more than one hundred vehicles in 4 days!

Autocar Expo allows all drivers visitors to test the latest models, or the ones they have identified during these 4 days of the show.

A unique place to observe, compare, try and adopt the ideal vehicle. Builders are present and make available more than 100 buses for vehicle dynamic tests throughout the day.


You drive ‘eco’? Test your driving!

From Wednesday to Friday, from 8:30am, a session eco-driving is offered to drivers concerned to change their habits to a more virtuous drive or to those who wish to test and get figures of their driving habits (consumption, wear, harmful emissions, …). With 2 vehicles equipped with measuring instruments, participants will evolve in real conditions at the heart of Lyon.
The route will be taken a second time following the advice of a specialist. The results of the two sessions will be compared and analyzed.
Concours écoconduite


At the end of the 3 days of the exhibition trade, the best “eco-driver” will be rewarded.


Take part in the inauguration!

The event will be inaugurated by local officials and referent contributors of the coach sector . The delegation will tour the trade fair to meet the present exhibitors and visitors. Innovations and new developments will be presented and the ribbon will be cut during public speeches.

At the evening of the first day, a cocktail will be offered to all exhibitors and visitors still present to share a drink and start the 6th edition of Autocar Expo.


An event at the initiative of :